Add action to force connection to a Bluetooth device

Secure Settings (Tasker Plugin) allowed for a action to force connection to a nearby Bluetooth device.Hoping that AutoTools can also implement the action.


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Let me know if it works for you :)

Just spotted that this had been implemented, works great - much more reliable than the Secure Settings app's equivalent function


Oh, I think I know what you mean...

Wait, what's this?



Oh it's the feature implemented in AutoTools, great! :P



You rock Joao!


 weird, on my nexus 5X even if the BT is turned off on it, as soon as I turn it on it re-connects to whatever devices it's paired to.

The universe is indeed a strange place ;) But I guess that's why Secure Settings had put that feature in, and why the "Bluetooth AutoConnect" app/plugin exists. (http://tinyurl.com/nbsu4ex)

So since AutoTools already lets a user choose a Wifi Network to force the connect to, it makes sense in the AutoTools BT section to include this feature this as well :) 

I think a key feature would be of course would be to dynamically via a variable etc specify what BT device to connect to, as this is what that other plugin above is completely missing.


In my case I'm also connected to the watch but it still connects to the car automatically... I wonder what the difference is...

Michael Hill is right. And sometimes it's a matter of sequencing. For example I have BT headset, and if BT is already enabled on my device, and then the BT headset is turned on - it connects. 

However if the BT headset is on first, and then bluetooth is enabled on the device, it won't connect until you manually click the headset on the menu that pops up on the device.

Unless a plugin/app like BT AutoConnect is used. That will 'force' the connection to the headset. And the reason many people leave BT disabled on their device is to save battery or just prevent it in general from connecting to devices at random in the house or car that may be nearby.

With Tasker it's easy to automate enabling/disabling BT, but forcing the connection to a device is still what's needed.


Interesting. My car radio always connects automatically. What Android version are you using?

Marshmallow. My bluetooth is already on whenever I get into the car because of my watch. I've paired the device previously with pin codes. If I look in the bluetooth menu it shows they're paired, but I have to select it to connect. Could it be because I'm already connected to the watch?


Sorry for the late reply but doesn't a bluetooth device connect automatically if it's paired and available?

Not all devices. Some, like my car radio for example, seem to need to be connected to each time even though they may show as "paired" already in the bluetooth menu.