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    Add rounding functions to Math

    Adam Jacobson · 1 reply · Last reply by Jon Nigrine

    When working with dates, temperatures, percentages, etc. it is easier for people to hear whole numbers.

    Please add rounding functions to the Math section of AutoTools with three options:

    • Standard ROUND (eg. ≥ 0.5 rounds up)
    • ROUNDUP (always round up)
    • ROUNDDOWN (always round down)
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    Autotools list dialog : Image fix W x H

    Please add options to give fix height and width to images in a grid type list or a maintain aspect ratio by default. Thanks.

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    Auto USB Tethering

    Paul Hein · 0 replies · Posted

    At the moment I have to use my Android device to tether the Wifi connection over to my laptop. At the moment no root App has been updated for nougat. So that would be nice.

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    Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each) 

    Autotools feature request : Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each)

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    Dialog list title and bottom buttons

    szmerek · 0 replies · Posted

    Title and bottom butons when pressed are not cancel the dialog (disappear the dialog). Please make a option to cancel the dialog.

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    Autotools Array Keep Only New - Output Stored Value

    Medy Wikipedi · 0 replies · Posted

    Question about autotools Array --> keep only new --> Names  Can I return the value that *Names* hold ? where is the data stored ? When I use the keep only new feature .. I want to check what is already stored

    I know I can just write a file myself ... but still wonder why there isnt a option

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    Package Name - Media Info / Condition

    Zachary Denny · 0 replies · Posted

    I see there are many more additional Media State conditions and Media Info fields in your latest update.......Unfortunately, I do not see one very important field which I was hoping would be included.

    It would be nice if there was a Media Info or Media State condition which tells you which App is currently responsible for the Audio Output (ie What App is playing the music right now).

    For example, if you have many different Music Players (Spotify, Pandora, Podcast, Google Music, etc)....Get Tasker/AutoTools to Detect which app is actually responsible for the audio currently being played. If necessary,

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    Ability to send raw TCP request with Hex data as payload

    Michael Hill · 0 replies · Posted

    This would allow control over devices that require simple tcp requests to trigger actions  (ex wifi smart plugs). There would need to be a field where you can specify the IP and also a field to provide the Hex payload string. For a better idea of how it would work you can reference the Send/Expect plugin.

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    Enable/Disable "Restrict Background Data" settings

    Sushovan Sarkar · 0 replies · Posted

    Please add feature to Enable/Disable "Restrict Background Data" settings.


    I tried comparing below ADB commands, but couldn't find any variable for above settngs.

    • adb shell settings list system
    • adb shell settings list global
    • adb shell settings list secure
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    OCR with Japanese/Chinese characters

    Wayne Bowie · 0 replies · Posted

    Having the ability to use OCR with Japanese/Chinese characters would be very useful for me as I am learning Japanese using Memrise but I want to get some text from the app. I've tried using UI query with AutoInput but it doesn't work right for me so I've resorted to taking a screenshot and getting what I need from there. It would be a big help to have those extra characters be detected too 

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    Being able finally to move/copy multiple files in handy, end easy way.

    Vencislav Karov · 0 replies · Posted

    Hello, I've been using Tasker and your apps from few years now, and I've always been frustrated how not handy is to move files with Tasker... I've been waiting for some improvements but nothing so far. But I believe in you, and since AutoTools is adding so many futures I am sure you can add a handy way to move multiple files to specific folder. 2 quick examples : I want once in a day all screenshots what I have to be moved in my SD card. (with or without renaming)....and also I want every time when there is a

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    Time out Notification

    Showing the server name it fail to connect to. 

    Making it easier to troubleshoot or just know the task that failed and run it again. 

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    Change advanced wifi settings

    Rob · 0 replies · Posted

    So, here's my particular use case but I'm sure there could be other uses..

    I'd like to change the DNS settings for my wifi connection in order to block ads (by pointing to an ad blocking/malware blocking dns server), but only under certain circumstances - most of the time I'm fine with ads. However it's too cumbersome to manually change dns settings every time, so if autotools could do that (and also change other advanced wifi settings where possible) that would be great.

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    AutoTool Theme action

    A action where you can select or create your own theme and it populate %attextcolor %atbackgroundcolor and so.

    Users can use them as they like but in dialogues in AT you have a option to use the preset theme variables. 
    A check box Use AutoTool Theme. 

    %atthemejson gives you all colors in a JSON that you can save or set as a global variable to be used in another task or even call a subtask where you have the JSON as a parameter. 

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    Turn on or off automatic update setting in Play Store.

    Adamhay · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    Want to be able to turn on or off automatic update setting in Play Store. Then can put a widget on the desktop to control when updates happen.

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    a really effective kill command

    where you can choose, maybe, to remove the app from the recent list;

    That is able to kill a (playing) "White Noise Generator" from Relaxio for instance.

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    Fingerprint dialog black out background

    Troy Thompson · 0 replies · Posted

    Can you please add an option for the fingerprint dialog to not just dim the background but black out the backgroud app. So that you can't see any of the app in the background. This is a great security option for me

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    Return an error when Date Format doesn't match Date Millis in Add Time

    Lynda Howell · 0 replies · Posted

    AutoTools -> Time -> Add Time will convert text dates/times into milliseconds, but if there's a problem with the Date Format, it just silently substitutes the current time.  I'd like to see it set some kind of %err when this happens.

    For example: (216)
    A1: Variable Set [ Name:%raw To:24 July 2016 8:31 AM Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
    A2: AutoTools Time [ Configuration:
    ---------Add Time---------
    Output Format: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Timeout (Seconds):30 Continue Task After Error:On ]
    A3: Flash [ Text:%raw

    %err %errmsg Long:On ] 

    There's a mismatch between the Date Format and the actual date (: vs .

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    allow more user-selected variable names when AutoTools returns values

    Lynda Howell · 2 replies · Last reply by João Dias

    Some AutoTools actions (such as JSON Read) allow the user to specify the variable(s) to be returned.  I'd like to see this option available anywhere AutoTools is returning a value.  I'm specifically thinking of Time, but it'd be helpful anywhere.

    Without being able to specify the return value, multiple calls to AutoTools Time require two extra actions between calls: one to store %atcalculateddate in another variable so it doesn't get overwritten, and another to clear %atcalculateddate so the old value doesn't get retained when the next call doesn't return a new value.  Being able to specify the return variable allows