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    Ability to query values from NetworkStatsManager

    Justin Motroni · 0 replies · Posted

    Would like to request the ability to query NetworkStatsManager for network history and statistics values (e.g. checking mobile data used over custom time periods).

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    Dialog > Slider - add preset value (variable)

    icaros · 2 replies · Last reply by Tasker Pro

    Would be great to add a preset value to the slider! For example a task that uses the slider to set the display brightness. I would like the slider to not start with 0 but with the value assigned by a variable.

    So I would:
    1. VARIABLE SET %value to %BRIGHT / 2.55
    2. preset the slider with %value

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    How about AutoTools Graphs ?

    Tasker Pro · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    Was thinking - there's no easy way in Tasker, or any current plugin, to generate a graph. Whether a line graph or bar graph or whatever.


    Even to show something simple like battery usage throughout the day or something, and especially for showing JSON data, I think having a graphing tool would be a great addition to AutoTools!


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    Force disconnect of specific bluetooth device

    Brian Grissom · 0 replies · Posted

    The force connect of specific Bluetooth is very helpful, but a force disconnect would also be helpful. There are circumstances that require us to connect to and then connect from specific devices, like speakers or headsets, and then disconnect at the end of the process