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    Control Accessibility via Secure Settings

    Ian Grody · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    After tinkering with Android TV boxes, a lot of them were void of Accessibility menu in the UI, so such services could not be accessed. Via ADB, I was able to enable apps to use Accessibility by use of settings.

    'settings put secure accessibility_enabled 1'

    AutoTools could check for the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE in apps, check it's exported service and enable it.

    settings put secure enabled_accessibility_services


    This has worked on two TV boxes running Android MM.

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    Please add more immersive mode options (see screenshot)

    Yama Dayani · 0 replies · Posted

    It's only possible to enable/disable/toggle immersive mode, I can you also add some options like (see screenshot)

    1. Full immersive mode (no status bar & no navigation bar) 
    2. No status bar
    3. No navigation bar 



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    Please add ID3 read and edit

    Bill DeWitt · 0 replies · Posted

    I would like to be able to read and edit ID3 information, the track, artist and comment section of an MP3 file, so that I can teach my AI assistant to learn how much I like a song by remembering how often I skipped or replayed it.

    Probably very similar to how this site brings the most popular requests to the top.