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    Customize List of Actions Shown in Tasker

    Tasker Pro · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    In the main AutoTools app from the App Drawer - an option to enable/disable which AutoTools Actions are shown in the plugin drop-down menu when adding an AutoTools action in Tasker.

    So for example if you don't plan on using the Muzei action, don't have to see it in the list ;) 

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    Package Name - Media Info / Condition

    Zachary Denny · 0 replies · Posted

    I see there are many more additional Media State conditions and Media Info fields in your latest update.......Unfortunately, I do not see one very important field which I was hoping would be included.

    It would be nice if there was a Media Info or Media State condition which tells you which App is currently responsible for the Audio Output (ie What App is playing the music right now).

    For example, if you have many different Music Players (Spotify, Pandora, Podcast, Google Music, etc)....Get Tasker/AutoTools to Detect which app is actually responsible for the audio currently being played. If necessary,

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    Dialog > Slider - add preset value (variable)

    icaros · 2 replies · Last reply by Tasker Pro

    Would be great to add a preset value to the slider! For example a task that uses the slider to set the display brightness. I would like the slider to not start with 0 but with the value assigned by a variable.

    So I would:
    1. VARIABLE SET %value to %BRIGHT / 2.55
    2. preset the slider with %value

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    Median or percentile function

    Jon Nigrine · 0 replies · Posted

    It would be great to median - or better yet, percentile as a math function.

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    Option to use second in "Time Span Between Dates"

    It would be simplify the processing, if the "Time Span Between Dates" has a option that the given unix timestamp is in second and not in milliseconds.

    It's clear that i can add "000" to the unix timestamp, but the functions "Format Dates" and "Time Span" have that option.


    Great Tool! :)

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    Fingerprint dialog black out background

    Troy Thompson · 0 replies · Posted

    Can you please add an option for the fingerprint dialog to not just dim the background but black out the backgroud app. So that you can't see any of the app in the background. This is a great security option for me

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    Being able finally to move/copy multiple files in handy, end easy way.

    Vencislav Karov · 0 replies · Posted

    Hello, I've been using Tasker and your apps from few years now, and I've always been frustrated how not handy is to move files with Tasker... I've been waiting for some improvements but nothing so far. But I believe in you, and since AutoTools is adding so many futures I am sure you can add a handy way to move multiple files to specific folder. 2 quick examples : I want once in a day all screenshots what I have to be moved in my SD card. (with or without renaming)....and also I want every time when there is a

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    Detect invalid authentication failures for Tasker profile trigger

    Walter Francis · 1 reply · Last reply by petru stoian

    Secure Settings had the ability to detect authentication failures as an event for Tasker profiles so you could execute specific things if someone is messing with your device.  It seemed to be pretty popular, and I don't see any current way to do this now that Secure Settings seems to be abandoned and no longer works (easily?) since Marshmallow.

    Ideally this could be set to the number of attempts required in order to trigger the profile state, ie:  1 failure not necessarily trigger it, but perhaps 2, or some folks may prefer 3, etc.  This could possibly be done in

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    Autotools Array Keep Only New - Output Stored Value

    Medy Wikipedi · 0 replies · Posted

    Question about autotools Array --> keep only new --> Names  Can I return the value that *Names* hold ? where is the data stored ? When I use the keep only new feature .. I want to check what is already stored

    I know I can just write a file myself ... but still wonder why there isnt a option

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    a really effective kill command

    where you can choose, maybe, to remove the app from the recent list;

    That is able to kill a (playing) "White Noise Generator" from Relaxio for instance.

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    Hijri (Islamic) Date

    I'm not sure if this has a big demand, but it would help me a lot. In AutoTools, Dialog, Date. Is it possible to have option to select different date type such as Hijri Date (Islamic) while the output will remain same options available i.e. The Gregorian date format, seconds, etc.
    There are couple of sites which have references to libraries used to convert the date from Gregorian to Hijri and vise versa.

    Like this  
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    Please add more immersive mode options (see screenshot)

    Yama Dayani · 0 replies · Posted

    It's only possible to enable/disable/toggle immersive mode, I can you also add some options like (see screenshot)

    1. Full immersive mode (no status bar & no navigation bar) 
    2. No status bar
    3. No navigation bar 



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    See Active Devices Connect to Mobile Hotspot

    It would be nice to setup a profile to shut off your mobile hotspot if it isn't actively being used.


    It would be awesome to have devices actively connected to the hotspot be available in a variable.


    I would imagine this woudl need to be in the root add-on. Not sure if Android locks down access to that part of the system.

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    Add share option in Chrome Custom Tabs

    kunal arora · 0 replies · Posted

    If I navigate to other links in the custom tab, there is currently no way to get the url of the page that I am on.

    Need a way to get the URL OR the default share intent populated with current URL

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    Dialog list title and bottom buttons

    szmerek · 0 replies · Posted

    Title and bottom butons when pressed are not cancel the dialog (disappear the dialog). Please make a option to cancel the dialog.

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    Enable/Disable Wireless ADB debugging

    Ian Grody · 0 replies · Posted

    Simple root option.

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    Change saved WiFi Priorities

    Ian Grody · 0 replies · Posted

    Root option. Saw this in 3C Toolbox and would love to automate this feature.

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    View saved WiFi password

    Ian Grody · 0 replies · Posted

    Root option. Simple ability to view saved WiFi passwords.

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    Retrieve VPN status

    Ian Grody · 0 replies · Posted

    Root? option. Not fussed about starting/stopping, but running status and if possible, what is using the VPN service

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    Change default SMS app

    Ian Grody · 0 replies · Posted

    Root? option. This may sound weird, but to automate switching it in certain conditions.