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    HTML Parsing

    Rob · 2 replies · Last reply by João Dias

    It would be great if autotools had an html parser (there are quite a few parser libraries that could possibly be used to make this easier to implement). This would enable me to grab content from websites that don't provide an xml or json feed of data (such as a train timetable page that doesn't offer an API), or to do things like check for updates on a particular part of a website (e.g. the html element containing the price of a product on a shopping website).

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    Allow users to create their own Java Functions to be used via Android JavaScript Interface

    Andrew · 0 replies · Posted

    Similar to how in the current Tasker JavaScript(let) actions, there are built in functions (

    This idea would basically expand on that and allow you to create your own built in functions that can better handle the Android side of things when writing JavaScript. 

    See original posting of the idea here on reddit (