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    Grid Dialog with Toggle-able Icons

    Michael Hill · 0 replies · Posted


    It would be great if we could have a list dialog (set to grid) that allows the ability to toggle the icons. For instance, selecting one of the icons from the list grid dialog above would change the icon to a different color. A use-case for this implementation would be creating a visually appealing control panel of sorts where you can display icons that indicate the statuses of all of your home profiles while at home, then toggle one or more on or off (with the images changing to indicate such).

    Right now we have the ability to create

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    Possibility to create new apps as App Factory

    Спасибо за отличное приложение! Единственное, чего не хватает в нём, это возможности создавать в Auto Tools другие приложения как в AppFactory. Пожалуйста, добавьте такую возможность.

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    Data counters, sysfs reader

    I was trying to write a Tasker profile that switches WiFi hotspot on when Bluetooth tethering transferred more than defined limit in a time interval.

    With a bare Tasker it is a complicated task. It would be nice to have:

    Data counters with atomical read and reset, and event/state, when particular interface appears/disappears.

    And generic sysfs readers that reads value to a variable and handles missing file. This would be possible with a bare Tasker, but it does not have check File Exists.

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    Car Audio Tool

    Sunny · 0 replies · Posted

    I would like to be able to send and receive information from a car audio player that is connected via Bluetooth (AVRCP)


    For example, it would be nice to be able to send Track, Artist and Album information to the audio player.  Also, when you press "Next Track" on your car radio, it would be nice if you could capture that and then act accordingly.


    As an example, the IHeartRadio app is able to send information to a car stereo and it is also  able to change channels via the car stereo.




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    Dialog > Slider - add preset value (variable)

    icaros · 0 replies · Posted

    Would be great to add a preset value to the slider! For example a task that uses the slider to set the display brightness. I would like the slider to not start with 0 but with the value assigned by a variable.

    So I would:
    1. VARIABLE SET %value to %BRIGHT / 2.55
    2. preset the slider with %value

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    settings under "do not disturb" / "Allow exceptions" - Alarms, Repeat Callers, Event/task alerts, Reminders, Priority app notifications

    Brian · 0 replies · Posted

    I have these settings on samsung phones running marshmallow and nougat. I am not sure if all of these settings exist on non-samsung phones. The ones I most want to control are the Event/task alerts, and the priority app notifications.

    I have listed all the settings (system, global, secure), but did not see a change for these settings.

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    Send and Receive Sound

    Jeffery Schimes · 0 replies · Posted

    This may be a better idea for 'Join' but I couldn't find a place like this for that app. Sound. The ability to send whatever sound is playing on one device to another device and possibly mute the sending device so the sound only comes out of one. Being able to use the microphone in a similar way would be helpful. There are apps out there that do some of those things in a limited fashion but I believe you could bridge the gap. My over all goal is a motion activated intercom/doorbell.

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    Select Highlight Color in AutoTools List Dialog

    Tasker Pro · 0 replies · Posted

    Seems that regardless what color text and/or background colors are chosen in the AutoTools List dialog - when "Multiple Select" is enabled - the selections are always highlighed in an aqua blue color.

    Can there be a setting to allow a custom "Item Highlight Color"?

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    Toggle Bluetooth tethering

    Erick · 1 reply · Last reply by João Dias

    I would like to be able to turn on Bluetooth tethering based on a condition, such as when charging.

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    AutoTools Color: Addition of accent colors

    Rory Harnisch · 0 replies · Posted

    Add the accent colors in their respective color groups locations to the palette. Maybe even separate them from each other to make it more clear. You could even group them together i.e. Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, etc.

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    AutoTools Dialog, Progress: progress bar/circle color

    Rory Harnisch · 0 replies · Posted

    Allow for the "Button Color" field or create a separate field for the color of the progress bar/circle.

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    event based network profile

    A way to monitoring changes in the network on your phone,
    if it goes from wifi to 3G or of VPN connects or dissconnect.

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    Median or percentile function

    Jon Nigrine · 0 replies · Posted

    It would be great to median - or better yet, percentile as a math function.

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    Add share option in Chrome Custom Tabs

    kunal arora · 0 replies · Posted

    If I navigate to other links in the custom tab, there is currently no way to get the url of the page that I am on.

    Need a way to get the URL OR the default share intent populated with current URL

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    Add rounding functions to Math

    Adam Jacobson · 1 reply · Last reply by Jon Nigrine

    When working with dates, temperatures, percentages, etc. it is easier for people to hear whole numbers.

    Please add rounding functions to the Math section of AutoTools with three options:

    • Standard ROUND (eg. ≥ 0.5 rounds up)
    • ROUNDUP (always round up)
    • ROUNDDOWN (always round down)
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    Autotools list dialog : Image fix W x H

    Please add options to give fix height and width to images in a grid type list or a maintain aspect ratio by default. Thanks.

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    Auto USB Tethering

    Paul Hein · 0 replies · Posted

    At the moment I have to use my Android device to tether the Wifi connection over to my laptop. At the moment no root App has been updated for nougat. So that would be nice.

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    Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each) 

    Autotools feature request : Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each)

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    Dialog list title and bottom buttons

    szmerek · 0 replies · Posted

    Title and bottom butons when pressed are not cancel the dialog (disappear the dialog). Please make a option to cancel the dialog.

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    Autotools Array Keep Only New - Output Stored Value

    Medy Wikipedi · 0 replies · Posted

    Question about autotools Array --> keep only new --> Names  Can I return the value that *Names* hold ? where is the data stored ? When I use the keep only new feature .. I want to check what is already stored

    I know I can just write a file myself ... but still wonder why there isnt a option