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    Allow a dialog webscreen to show over top of a normal webscreen.

    Matt Vogel · 0 · Posted

    Allowing a dialog webscreen to be displayed over top of another webscreen would allow a "submenu" type interaction.  A dialog feels more like a natural UI element than an overlay screen. As of now the original normal web screen is completely replaced with a full screen dialog when the dialog is created. 

    Assigning the screens overlay IDs does not have any effect since neither screens are overlays.

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    Allow any app as AutoTools launcher

    Axxel · 0 · Posted

    AutoTools currently only allows Launcher apps to be chosen in launcher tasks. It would be nice to allow AutoTools to (optionally) allow any app to be used as a launcher. This would allow apps that dynamically register as launchers (like com.bitspice.automate) to be used. I can also imagine it being potentially useful for kiosk-type tasks.

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    Fade screen

    FRITZ Box · 0 · Posted

    Brightness fade in or out, e.g. in 15 minutes to 80%, without blocking the Tasker queue with a loop

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    Allow text in dialogs to be selectable

    Prasant · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to be able to display an AutoTools dialog with some text that allows me to select a portion of the text. Currently my work around is to use an input dialog, but that is kind of overkill for just selecting text. There's no need to bring up the keyboard and have to input text.

    An example is the dialog that allows me to select text in my Reddit app.


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    Storing a history/log of Clipboards in Join.

    Andre Camenzind · 0 · Posted

    Nominally 10 deep. 

    When copying on multiple devices that have Join and having clipboard set to share, occasionally the clipboard on one device will be lost/overwritten unintentionally. 

    A history/log within Join, storing the Clipboard history from multiple devices solves that problem. 

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    Default dialler for fully customisable call handling

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    If AutoTools could be set as the default dialler, we could create a fully customisable dialer for handling inbound, outbound and in process calls. Any elements from Dialogue could be used to configure the layout and design, with obvious advantages of using a variety of features.

    Idea behind this will be to include ability to add additional information to incoming calls; Spam Caller APIs, Web lookups of the number, add a map of the business, even interact with Tasks to retrieve data during the call. 

    Also with this capability, we could have much greater control of call handling; forwarded calls

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    Ability to lock screen and use fingerprint to unlock next time

    Anton Beck · 4 · Last reply by Gerard Gil Bragais

    On my Galaxy s7 you can lock the screen with tasker and with security settings but if you do it, the next time you want to unlock it, it isn't possible to unlock it with fingerprint. I know Nova lauchner has a way to do it.

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    Android Color Pallette extraction tool

    Bryce · 0 · Posted

    I think it would be a useful addition to AutoTools to be able to use the color palette tool in Android to be able to extract colors from an image. Currently I use an app called Kolorette to get colors from my (regularly changing) wallpaper, but I think a purpose built Tasker plugin like AutoTools could be a lot more versatile.

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    AutoSSH File Transfer Progress/Status

    Zachary Denny · 0 · Posted

    AutoTools SSH File Transfer - Is there any way to get some kind of Progress Bar or Status of the SFTP Transfer? If I'm transferring larger files via SFTP, I'd really like to know how things are going with it. Just something really basic would work.

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    Change Toast Defaults

    Matt B · 0 · Posted

    Instead of using Tasker toasts I'd like to use a standard (customised) AT toast - only setting the text and duration as I do in Tasker.

    But I'd like to change the AT Toast defaults to my preferred dark blue background, text size and offsets, etc.

    Or, have all toast fields retain their values that were previously input? 

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    Play sound before shutdown

    Kaderekusen · 0 · Posted

    In tasker is the profile "shutdown" and a task "play ringtone with the option to change it to notification"

    But its not working.

    I want the same like in this videos. On phone or another device.

    The original is from audi

    Someone else have a solution but he did not share it

    He is using a Android 6.0 device... So its possible.

    The media file is in mp3 format

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    MQTT Client

    Mathias Fröjd · 0 · Posted

    Ability to send MQTT data, the tasker compatible apps out there today suffer from some connectivity issues.

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    Use Tasker as Voice Assistant when I press the buttonon Bluetooth headset

    ar0_yk · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I want to use Tasker as Voice Assistant.

    To use Tasker as Voice Assistant, we need to set System Settings>Apps>Setting Button>Default Apps>Assistant and Voice Input>Voice Input to AutoTools.

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    Scroll with fingerprint scanner

    David LaPoint · 0 · Posted

    Any phone with the scanner on back would allow more comfortable scrolling through screens. Whether it's the settings menu or an article online

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    The ability to change the quick setting tile order

    Kyle · 0 · Posted

    Under Secure Settings>Services>Quick Setting Tiles, I'd like to be able to change he the order in which quick setting tiles appear. As it stands now, you cannot change the order.

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    Navigation Drawer Webscreen - Adjustable Height Width

    Zachary Denny · 0 · Posted

    Navigation Drawer Webscreen - Adjustable Height Width

    Would be nice if the Navigation drawer Height/Width were adjustable........would be even cooler if the Pull/Drag bar were also adjustable (customized trigger area instead of just the entire left side of the screen).

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    Navigation Drawer Webscreen - Pull/Drag out from other/multiple sides of screen

    Zachary Denny · 0 · Posted

    AutoTools Navigation Drawer Webscreen.

    Can we get an option to pull/drag out the Navigation drawer from other sides of the screen? Currently, you can only pull the drawer out from the left. Would be cool to see a drawer pull from top,bottom, left, right, or even CORNERS!

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    Autotools - improvement to toggling accessibility services

    Ryan George · 0 · Posted

    In auto tools, I can't directly toggle the one accessibility service that I want to toggle on/off, I have to choose the list of services I want to be on... And I just have to leave the one I want to toggle off of that list when I want to turn it off. May I request an update to allow singular toggles? Thanks!

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    Add NFC tag reading

    Ian Grams · 0 · Posted

    Currently using NFC Tasks/Tools to trigger a Tasker task, would be nice to cut out the middle man. Just have a "NFC read" event profile and in the config allow the user to read a tag.

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    Auto Tools New color picker dialog

    Oleksiy Onufriychuk · 0 · Posted

    Can you iplement other color picker dialog like this?