Secure Settings System with Root

I'm using a OnePlus 3T and I was never able to edit any of the System Settings.

After some searching around I found out that this seems to be an Android restriction.

But I just recently rooted my devices and found that I could change System Settings with Tasker using:

Run Shell

Command: settings put system buttons_brightness 0

Use Root: YES

So my question is: Could you add a "Use Root" option into AutoTools Secure Settings as a workaround?

Thanks :)!

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I have that one installed but there are only 4 predefined options in the Settings action. Maybe add a "Custom Settings" option there like in the normal AutoTools Secure Settings Action where I could set my own settings to change? Because as I said: some of the Settings on my phone can't be changed without root. 

But if you want to do custom settings, can't you simply use the tasker shell action to perform them? :)

Well that's what I'm currently doing. I just thought it would be more elegant if it were part of the Plugin

Ok, makes sense. I've added the custom setting here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n33ltvdm2py8e4g/AutoToolsRoot.apk?dl=1

Hope this helps!

Sorry, that won't be added to AutoTools. AutoTools will always remain root free :)


You can use AutoTools Root instead: https://joaoapps.com/beta-testing/