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    How about AutoTools Graphs ?

    Tasker Pro · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Was thinking - there's no easy way in Tasker, or any current plugin, to generate a graph. Whether a line graph or bar graph or whatever.

    Even to show something simple like battery usage throughout the day or something, and especially for showing JSON data, I think having a graphing tool would be a great addition to AutoTools!


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    MQTT Client

    Mathias Fröjd · 0 · Posted

    Ability to send MQTT data, the tasker compatible apps out there today suffer from some connectivity issues.

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    Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each) 

    Frédéric Szymañski · 1 · Last reply by Tasker Pro

    Autotools feature request : Autotools dialog input : Allow the possibility to add multiple fields (one variable each)

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    Add rounding functions to Math

    Adam Jacobson · 1 · Last reply by Jon Nigrine

    When working with dates, temperatures, percentages, etc. it is easier for people to hear whole numbers.

    Please add rounding functions to the Math section of AutoTools with three options:

    • Standard ROUND (eg. ≥ 0.5 rounds up)
    • ROUNDUP (always round up)
    • ROUNDDOWN (always round down)
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    AutoTools Dialog, Progress: progress bar/circle color

    Rory Harnisch · 0 · Posted

    Allow for the "Button Color" field or create a separate field for the color of the progress bar/circle.

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    Fingerprint dialog black out background

    Troy Thompson · 0 · Posted

    Can you please add an option for the fingerprint dialog to not just dim the background but black out the backgroud app. So that you can't see any of the app in the background. This is a great security option for me

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    Select Highlight Color in AutoTools List Dialog

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    Seems that regardless what color text and/or background colors are chosen in the AutoTools List dialog - when "Multiple Select" is enabled - the selections are always highlighed in an aqua blue color.

    Can there be a setting to allow a custom "Item Highlight Color"?

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    AutoTool Theme action

    Daniel Söderlund · 0 · Posted

    A action where you can select or create your own theme and it populate %attextcolor %atbackgroundcolor and so.

    Users can use them as they like but in dialogues in AT you have a option to use the preset theme variables.  A check box Use AutoTool Theme. 

    %atthemejson gives you all colors in a JSON that you can save or set as a global variable to be used in another task or even call a subtask where you have the JSON as a parameter. 

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    Please add ID3 read and edit

    Bill DeWitt · 0 · Posted

    I would like to be able to read and edit ID3 information, the track, artist and comment section of an MP3 file, so that I can teach my AI assistant to learn how much I like a song by remembering how often I skipped or replayed it.

    Probably very similar to how this site brings the most popular requests to the top.

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    Autotools list dialog : Image fix W x H

    Shashank kakrecha · 0 · Posted

    Please add options to give fix height and width to images in a grid type list or a maintain aspect ratio by default. Thanks.

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    allow more user-selected variable names when AutoTools returns values

    Lynda Howell · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    Some AutoTools actions (such as JSON Read) allow the user to specify the variable(s) to be returned.  I'd like to see this option available anywhere AutoTools is returning a value.  I'm specifically thinking of Time, but it'd be helpful anywhere.

    Without being able to specify the return value, multiple calls to AutoTools Time require two extra actions between calls: one to store %atcalculateddate in another variable so it doesn't get overwritten, and another to clear %atcalculateddate so the old value doesn't get retained when the next call doesn't return a new value.  Being able to specify the return variable allows

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    Headset Bluetooth Battery

    Abdullah Alahdal · 0 · Posted

    Below are copied from earlier posts in Google+


    I am sure you are aware of the capability of iOS to read the battery level of Headset. Is there away to get the value of the headset battery. One of my friends is always laugh at me because his iPhone can do this while my note 3 doesn't. Please try.


    I hope below link will help. I will keep searching and post whatever seems related.





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    Add share option in Chrome Custom Tabs

    kunal arora · 0 · Posted

    If I navigate to other links in the custom tab, there is currently no way to get the url of the page that I am on.

    Need a way to get the URL OR the default share intent populated with current URL

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    Package Name - Media Info / Condition

    Zachary Denny · 1 · Last reply by Alex K.

    I see there are many more additional Media State conditions and Media Info fields in your latest update.......Unfortunately, I do not see one very important field which I was hoping would be included. Request: It would be nice if there was a Media Info or Media State condition which tells you which App is currently responsible for the Audio Output (ie What App is playing the music right now). For example, if you have many different Music Players (Spotify, Pandora, Podcast, Google Music, etc)....Get Tasker/AutoTools to Detect which app is actually responsible for the audio currently being played. If necessary,

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    Dialog > Slider - add preset value (variable)

    icaros · 2 · Last reply by Tasker Pro

    Would be great to add a preset value to the slider! For example a task that uses the slider to set the display brightness. I would like the slider to not start with 0 but with the value assigned by a variable.

    So I would: 1. VARIABLE SET %value to %BRIGHT / 2.55 2. preset the slider with %value

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    Default dialler for fully customisable call handling

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    If AutoTools could be set as the default dialler, we could create a fully customisable dialer for handling inbound, outbound and in process calls. Any elements from Dialogue could be used to configure the layout and design, with obvious advantages of using a variety of features.

    Idea behind this will be to include ability to add additional information to incoming calls; Spam Caller APIs, Web lookups of the number, add a map of the business, even interact with Tasks to retrieve data during the call. 

    Also with this capability, we could have much greater control of call handling; forwarded calls

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    AutoTools to Fake Send SMS to self

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    Allow sending an SMS to yourself without the need for cellular network.

    There are apps in the Play store that do this, but none work with Tasker and AutoInput driving them is sometimes unsuitable, especially when needed when locked/display off.

    This then could be used for a mixture of things, namely converting app notifications into SMS so smart bands and other wearables etc that supports reading SMS can receive notifications. It would also be a great function to time fake sending SMS when you have to meet that 'one friend'