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    Default dialler for fully customisable call handling

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    If AutoTools could be set as the default dialler, we could create a fully customisable dialer for handling inbound, outbound and in process calls. Any elements from Dialogue could be used to configure the layout and design, with obvious advantages of using a variety of features.

    Idea behind this will be to include ability to add additional information to incoming calls; Spam Caller APIs, Web lookups of the number, add a map of the business, even interact with Tasks to retrieve data during the call. 

    Also with this capability, we could have much greater control of call handling; forwarded calls

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    AutoTools to Fake Send SMS to self

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    Allow sending an SMS to yourself without the need for cellular network.

    There are apps in the Play store that do this, but none work with Tasker and AutoInput driving them is sometimes unsuitable, especially when needed when locked/display off.

    This then could be used for a mixture of things, namely converting app notifications into SMS so smart bands and other wearables etc that supports reading SMS can receive notifications. It would also be a great function to time fake sending SMS when you have to meet that 'one friend'

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    Update autotools root addon to support oreo notification channels

    dragone17 · 0 · Posted

    Autotools root add-on doesn't work anymore since Oreo and the notification channels.

    It could be interesting if it was possible to have a way to enable/disable notification like before. Even more interesting if single channels could be enabled/disabled.

    I since Oreo I tried using autonotification way to disable notification (when I don't need them), but it doesn't work like autotools add-on. I have a mi band 2, and when I stop notification with autonotification, the mi band still vibrate.

    With nougat and autotools root add-on, the mi band wouldn't vibrate if the notification was disabled.

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    A standalone option to change the navabar

    Ryan Wilson · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    I know there is apps out there that can do this, but I think the developer of Autoapps can do better! I aslo know there is a way you can do this with autools. Just think it would be easier to have a standalone option.

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    Fade screen

    FRITZ Box · 0 · Posted

    Brightness fade in or out, e.g. in 15 minutes to 80%, without blocking the Tasker queue with a loop

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    Car Audio Tool

    Sunny · 0 · Posted

    I would like to be able to send and receive information from a car audio player that is connected via Bluetooth (AVRCP)


    For example, it would be nice to be able to send Track, Artist and Album information to the audio player.  Also, when you press "Next Track" on your car radio, it would be nice if you could capture that and then act accordingly.


    As an example, the IHeartRadio app is able to send information to a car stereo and it is also  able to change channels via the car stereo.




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    Auto USB Tethering

    Paul Hein · 0 · Posted

    At the moment I have to use my Android device to tether the Wifi connection over to my laptop. At the moment no root App has been updated for nougat. So that would be nice.

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    Enable/disable NFC toggle

    dragone17 · 0 · Posted

    I can't find a way to enable/disable NFC except from the old secure settings plugin, that I'd like to stop using.

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    Option to use second in "Time Span Between Dates"

    Marcel Pietschmann · 0 · Posted

    It would be simplify the processing, if the "Time Span Between Dates" has a option that the given unix timestamp is in second and not in milliseconds.

    It's clear that i can add "000" to the unix timestamp, but the functions "Format Dates" and "Time Span" have that option.


    Great Tool! :)

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    Use Tasker as Voice Assistant when I press the buttonon Bluetooth headset

    ar0_yk · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I want to use Tasker as Voice Assistant.

    To use Tasker as Voice Assistant, we need to set System Settings>Apps>Setting Button>Default Apps>Assistant and Voice Input>Voice Input to AutoTools.

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    Detect invalid authentication failures for Tasker profile trigger

    Walter Francis · 1 · Last reply by petru stoian

    Secure Settings had the ability to detect authentication failures as an event for Tasker profiles so you could execute specific things if someone is messing with your device.  It seemed to be pretty popular, and I don't see any current way to do this now that Secure Settings seems to be abandoned and no longer works (easily?) since Marshmallow.

    Ideally this could be set to the number of attempts required in order to trigger the profile state, ie:  1 failure not necessarily trigger it, but perhaps 2, or some folks may prefer 3, etc.  This could possibly be done in

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    Autotools Array Keep Only New - Output Stored Value

    Medy Wikipedi · 0 · Posted

    Question about autotools Array --> keep only new --> Names  Can I return the value that *Names* hold ? where is the data stored ? When I use the keep only new feature .. I want to check what is already stored

    I know I can just write a file myself ... but still wonder why there isnt a option

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    AutoTools List Dialog "Select All" Button ?

    Tasker Pro · 0 · Posted

    In any AutoTools Dialogs that allow multiple selections, when that option is enabled (ususally under Advanced) - when one item is selected in the resulting dialog, a "SELECT ALL" button should also appear in the dialog, which when pressed...selects all :)

    And of course the presenece of this button could be an option as well ;)

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    Json Write work with files

    Lynda Howell · 0 · Posted

    It would be helpful if AutoTools Json Write could work with files.  It currently only accepts a string for Input Json, so can't be used with json larger than can be passed from Tasker to a Plugin.  Assuming that same limit applies for passing back from Plugin to Tasker, then it would need to be able to write directly to a file as well.

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    Please add more immersive mode options (see screenshot)

    Yama Dayani · 0 · Posted

    It's only possible to enable/disable/toggle immersive mode, I can you also add some options like (see screenshot)

    1. Full immersive mode (no status bar & no navigation bar) 
    2. No status bar
    3. No navigation bar 


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    See Active Devices Connect to Mobile Hotspot

    Brayden Houston · 1 · Last reply by Brayden Houston

    It would be nice to setup a profile to shut off your mobile hotspot if it isn't actively being used.


    It would be awesome to have devices actively connected to the hotspot be available in a variable.


    I would imagine this woudl need to be in the root add-on. Not sure if Android locks down access to that part of the system.

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    Allow text in dialogs to be selectable

    Prasant · 0 · Posted

    I'd like to be able to display an AutoTools dialog with some text that allows me to select a portion of the text. Currently my work around is to use an input dialog, but that is kind of overkill for just selecting text. There's no need to bring up the keyboard and have to input text.

    An example is the dialog that allows me to select text in my Reddit app.


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    Background luminescence detection

    Dave Handler · 0 · Posted

    Background luminescence detection! So you can determine wither you need a white colored font or a black colored font based on the background image. Got an idea that 7.0 can do this since I've seen status bar icons and the clock on the lock screen font color go black when there is a light color background.

    In a nutshell interrogate the current background for it's luminescence and make a decision whether black or white would be the best font color against that background. 

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    Enable/Disable Wireless ADB debugging

    Ian Grody · 0 · Posted

    Simple root option.