allow more user-selected variable names when AutoTools returns values

Some AutoTools actions (such as JSON Read) allow the user to specify the variable(s) to be returned.  I'd like to see this option available anywhere AutoTools is returning a value.  I'm specifically thinking of Time, but it'd be helpful anywhere.

Without being able to specify the return value, multiple calls to AutoTools Time require two extra actions between calls: one to store %atcalculateddate in another variable so it doesn't get overwritten, and another to clear %atcalculateddate so the old value doesn't get retained when the next call doesn't return a new value.  Being able to specify the return variable allows the two calls to use different names and avoid the extra steps.

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That's not the point. It's more that even when looking at the list it's confusing with all the long and similar variable names - http://i.imgur.com/XMt8TvR.png

Ok, I see what you mean, thanks!

Yes this. And some of the varnames are excruciatingly long.

Like %atcalculateddatemillis

You shouldn't need to ever write the variable name by hand. :) You should use the tag icon in Tasker or in other plugin actions to insert it manually.