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Launcher Webscreen

AutoTools feature request.

Web Screens to be live wallpaper? This is probably asking for a lot, we can already use it (AutoTools) as a launcher, but what if? This would be an epic feature impo

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That'd work, yea. Thanks. Really just want dynamic content that can be delivered locally or from a web source. Can use the other screens for the interaction. 

Ideally the wallpaper will just display data, I'm probably guessing JavaScript in the LWP element will be a no go, but simple HTML/CSS trickery could allow for interesting content. Ie: one minute I'm looking at pretty wallpaper, swipe a screen in, tap a button and then it polls my site for content, then I could be viewing the uptime state of my hosts, the last lot of ping data, some PNG graphs from various sources (RRD from mrtg, customdata, firewalls etc), or even a formatted RSS feed.

All delivered from my site that will deliver compatible pages for them. 

Thanks again

Unfortunately live wallpapers can only draw on the screen and can't use normal Android Views like the WebView that's needed for Web Screens to work.

But depending on what you want, it could work. I could try to have the WebView draw on the canvas, but then the page would not be interactive. Would this suit you?