Grid Dialog with Toggle-able Icons

It would be great if we could have a list dialog (set to grid) that allows the ability to toggle the icons. For instance, selecting one of the icons from the list grid dialog above would change the icon to a different color. A use-case for this implementation would be creating a visually appealing control panel of sorts where you can display icons that indicate the statuses of all of your home profiles while at home, then toggle one or more on or off (with the images changing to indicate such).

Right now we have the ability to create Tasker Widget shortcuts on our homescreen and change the text and image of said widget when clicked, so I'm hoping a similar concept could be applied here, which would allow us to have one icon on our homescreen that just brings up the grid list dialog showing all of the toggles. This would make for a cleaner, less cluttered homescreen and less frustration having to look around to find the toggle widget you're looking for.

I've seen this feature implemented in the Snackbar Plugin using a bottom sheet, but only using actual toggle switches. The Snackbar Plugin bottom sheet is also able to have an icon grid, which (with its most recent app update) is now able to work as an icon toggle sheet. However, I'd really prefer a dialog/popup.

So, there's my proposal. Hope I made a good enough case :)