Package Name - Media Info / Condition

I see there are many more additional Media State conditions and Media Info fields in your latest update.......Unfortunately, I do not see one very important field which I was hoping would be included.

It would be nice if there was a Media Info or Media State condition which tells you which App is currently responsible for the Audio Output (ie What App is playing the music right now).

For example, if you have many different Music Players (Spotify, Pandora, Podcast, Google Music, etc)....Get Tasker/AutoTools to Detect which app is actually responsible for the audio currently being played. If necessary, simply grabbing the responsible package name would be enough. Just something of this nature.

I currently accomplish this by scrubbing through a Run Shell command "dumpsys audio"......but I imagine many others out there (me included) would find an AutoTools command much more elegant/simple for them to use then what I currently have.

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Can i check the event the Spotify plays music?