Dialog > Slider - add preset value (variable)

Would be great to add a preset value to the slider! For example a task that uses the slider to set the display brightness. I would like the slider to not start with 0 but with the value assigned by a variable.

So I would:
1. VARIABLE SET %value to %BRIGHT / 2.55
2. preset the slider with %value

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Also an option to show the value or not as the slider is moved. ☺️

I'd say this is pretty much essential. Surprised it isn't in there already actually.

In addition, being able to set min/max values would be good as well, rather than having to do the math to convert it after.

Or even convert it before to be able to set the initial slider value. 

For example let's say the min/max you're dealing with is Min:600 Max: 900

These values could be specified for the slider, along with setting an initial slider value of 725. I think the more math that can be done inside the plugin (rather in other Tasker actions) the better it will be :)