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Hello, I propose my idea to use autotools to make smart lock (as did the secure settings application before nougat), for example to disable the password on a trusted site or based on wireless network connected, in hope to see this function on autotools;)


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Hi and Help (Please) I installed Auto Tools and Tasker on my Android Galaxsy S5 V6.0 (I think) and I ran the command to be able to WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS - I get no errors.. I accepted the permissions on the phone - but then when I go into Auto Tools and look under plug ins, I don't get Secure Settings.. It's as though my command didn't work.  I am using adb shell pm grant com.joaomgcd.autotools android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

I've rebooted the phone (not rooted), any other ideas?  Thank you.

Hi - I just saw this.. I'll try it tomorrow.  Thank you so much.. 

Does this still work on Android 6.0.1, non rooted - Marshmallow?  I follow everything exactly and then go into tasker, search on secure settings and it said secure settings not installed. Action Plugin Auto Tools Secure Setting.  Trying to disable volume warning.  Will look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.

Yes, it still works. Are you still having that issue?

For some reason I can't comment down below, but bottom line is I still can't get it to work on Marshmallow.  I thought I had it working - but I didn't.  I saw a video about creating a folder called SM, but I haven't tried that yet.

The best way to do this is to use autotools secure settings then automatic lock. Then set that time to 30 minutes in seconds or even longer. Setup a wifi connected profile so then when you connect to wifi, your lockscreen won't lock. When you disconnect from your specific wifi then use tasker "system lock" and then autotools secure settings automatic lock to 5 seconds. With this you can still use fingerprint unlock


Works great for me

Cool, it works for you. But this is only one setting. What about using nfc for unlocking? As far as I can see, this can not be done via your method or Tasker in general.

yes I use it on Android without marshmallow root but it has become incompatible on nougat (directly tasker error on execution)

Can you please expand on what you mean? How exactly are passwords disabled on websites? Thanks in advance.

This is not the website is on the lockscreen, secure settings possible to enable or disable locking the smartphone.

Did this work without root in Secure Settings?

yes I use it on Android without marshmallow root but it has become incompatible on nougat (directly tasker error on execution)