Ability to lock screen and use fingerprint to unlock next time

On my Galaxy s7 you can lock the screen with tasker and with security settings but if you do it, the next time you want to unlock it, it isn't possible to unlock it with fingerprint. I know Nova lauchner has a way to do it.

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I do it at the moment with tasker and set the screen timeout to 7s(the smallest possible), what's your solution?

IIam currently using ADB Shell plug in for this purpose. 

If you want to do it the way Nova Launcher does it, you can use AutoInput. It also has an action for that. Otherwise I don't think there's a way to do it, sorry!

Yes, you're right. So maybe that's a better way

The way Nova launcher does this is not an ideal solution in any way. It just sets your display timeout to the min value and place a black overlay over your screen and let it timeout. So you can imagine that pushing any button (other than volume I guess) would interrupt the actual locking.

It would be better if you can implement a "send keys" function.