Default dialler for fully customisable call handling

If AutoTools could be set as the default dialler, we could create a fully customisable dialer for handling inbound, outbound and in process calls. Any elements from Dialogue could be used to configure the layout and design, with obvious advantages of using a variety of features.

Idea behind this will be to include ability to add additional information to incoming calls; Spam Caller APIs, Web lookups of the number, add a map of the business, even interact with Tasks to retrieve data during the call. 

Also with this capability, we could have much greater control of call handling; forwarded calls could be more easily revealed; call waiting events could be detected, DTMF could be automatically sent (allowing easier access to automated phone services). 

I can think of endless possibilities!

Although personally, I now like the idea of AutoDialler as it could be another app I can buy!