Being able finally to move/copy multiple files in handy, end easy way.

Hello, I've been using Tasker and your apps from few years now, and I've always been frustrated how not handy is to move files with Tasker... I've been waiting for some improvements but nothing so far. But I believe in you, and since AutoTools is adding so many futures I am sure you can add a handy way to move multiple files to specific folder. 2 quick examples : I want once in a day all screenshots what I have to be moved in my SD card. (with or without renaming)....and also I want every time when there is a a picture/s In my download directory to been able to move them into another, but with specific name > wallpaler1,wallpaper2,wallpaper69 or what ever number is next (when there is already files). I've been searching for a long time solutions and never seems to find one. Hope you see my idea and make it on your to-do list. Thanks!