Ability to send raw TCP request with Hex data as payload

This would allow control over devices that require simple tcp requests to trigger actions  (ex wifi smart plugs). There would need to be a field where you can specify the IP and also a field to provide the Hex payload string. For a better idea of how it would work you can reference the Send/Expect plugin.

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To supplement this, both TCP/UDP sockets would be great.

IP:port:payload, preferably more than just hex as payload. HTTP/IRC/Telnet could be connected to with ASCII for payload, too. Even a simple 'nc' could be sent data. This could allow me to send messages to my IRC bot directly and get it's reply. This would help me massively with my AlexOgle chatter bot, as it supports Markov AI and the bot sits on an in house IRCd. 

UDP sockets with a timeout being variable (to wait for a reply). This would eliminate my need for SL4A and a python script to probe uPnP/SSDP/DIAL on the network.

I would suggest maybe a receiver socket, with Event support. However, client only would be the icing on my cake