Dialog timeout and text access.

Being able to access the text entered into an input dialog box after a timeout would make the voice recognition feature even better.

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Ok, here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9787157/apk/AutoTools.apk

There's a new option now to do what you want :)

Hope this helps!

Excuse this late reply. I see it's in the beta on PlayStore now. I'm impressed and genuinely grateful. I'm a huge AutoApps advocate already, this is icing on the cake.

Isn't that just like the "Get Voice" action in Tasker in that case? :)

Sorry for being terse in my request, I was using a phone.

The thing is, the AutoTools dialogs look beautiful, Get Voice is plug-ugly.  I have limited dexterity and use a mixture of voice and text input via dialogs, while Get Voice only does voice input.

What I'd humbly request, is that attext() is loaded with whatever is shown in the dialog's input field, in the case of a timeout. Indeed this is just  GetVoice, but with the option to type too.

Plus (I'm exaggerating) a nice grey dialog is so much better for the environment than the blinding white glare of Google Now that burns battery on AMOLED displays.

Obviously if this change involves massive refactoring don't waste your time, but I'm naively hoping it's a one or two line job to make timeout do what OK does.

Thanks deeply for AutoTools.