Entity extraction

I would like autotools to do entity extraction on pieces of text. Like detect phone numbers, email addresses and names of places and people to name a few. 


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Yeah, I mean if suppose I have a 123-456-789 , it should detect it is a phone number.

If I have a string "san Francisco" , it should tell that it is a "place".

If I have a string with multiple entities, it should possibly detect such entities.

Unfortunately there's no real good way of knowing that I don't think. Maybe with Google's search AI? :D Don't know, but I don't think developers have access to that knowledge base.

You can search online for "Phone number Regular Expressions" for example to find regex's to use in AutoTools Regex to match a phone number.

There's too many variations worldwide on phone numbers, addresses, etc. to make say an easy drop down menu to just select "phone numbers".

Depending on what country you're in guaranteed there's regex's out there to match what you need, and when you find some - just drop them into AutoTools Regex to test them out until you find what works for you.

Probably a good way to learn about Regular Expressions as well, to better utilize AutoTools Regex action.

Not sure what you mean by "entity" but you can already do that with the AutoTools Regex action :)