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    3d touch in app drawer

    Darijo Gospić · 0 · Posted

    i'd like to use autotools to create app drawer with 3d touch on some of my icons. i have old lollipop style drawer with cards and my icons are fixed to their position (except when I install a new app or uninstall some of my current apps). E.g. I'd light press settings to open settings, but when I press hard settings icon, I'd like it to open settings to data usage page using autoshare. on some other apps I'd create tasker scene showing upon hard press and offering me 2-3 actions to chose. Thanks

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    Customize List of Actions Shown in Tasker

    Tasker Pro · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    In the main AutoTools app from the App Drawer - an option to enable/disable which AutoTools Actions are shown in the plugin drop-down menu when adding an AutoTools action in Tasker.

    So for example if you don't plan on using the Muzei action, don't have to see it in the list ;)