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    Auto Tools, "Time Span Between Dates" - add new variable

    Radek · 0 · Posted

    It would be possible to create new variable with the number of days in the unfinished month in date difference results? For example %atdatesDaysInCurrentMonth.
    It's no problem to count it (%atdatesweeks * 7) + %atdatesdays, but perhaps it would be good to include it in the application for people, who don't need a weeks count.

    For example if I count diffrence between 1. Jan 2017 and 31. Jan 2017, now I get result:

    0 Years, 0 months, 2 days.

    Right result in current version Auto Tools is

    0 Years, 0 months, 4 weeks, 2 days.

    But I need result 0

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    Ability to send raw TCP request with Hex data as payload

    Michael Hill · 0 · Posted

    This would allow control over devices that require simple tcp requests to trigger actions  (ex wifi smart plugs). There would need to be a field where you can specify the IP and also a field to provide the Hex payload string. For a better idea of how it would work you can reference the Send/Expect plugin.

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    Google Now on Tap/Assistant starter

    Georg Trede · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I would be nice to start the Now on Tap or the Assistant with Tasker

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    Why not just update the original Tasker app

    Fionnafire · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    Like seriously, all I see you doing with all these auto extensions to Tasker is squeezing more money out of people by making them buy the full version of all these other apps.

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    Add NFC tag reading

    Ian Grams · 0 · Posted

    Currently using NFC Tasks/Tools to trigger a Tasker task, would be nice to cut out the middle man. Just have a "NFC read" event profile and in the config allow the user to read a tag.

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    Autotools - improvement to toggling accessibility services

    Ryan George · 0 · Posted

    In auto tools, I can't directly toggle the one accessibility service that I want to toggle on/off, I have to choose the list of services I want to be on... And I just have to leave the one I want to toggle off of that list when I want to turn it off. May I request an update to allow singular toggles? Thanks!

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    Dialog timeout and text access.

    Karl Wood · 2 · Last reply by Karl Wood

    Being able to access the text entered into an input dialog box after a timeout would make the voice recognition feature even better.

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    Web session

    Georg Trede · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    You start a web session and it stores all cookies and that stuff for you, that you don't have to filter it out, store it and send it again. This is pretty easy in python, so maybe as well for AutoTools?

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    Data counters, sysfs reader

    Stanislav Brabec · 0 · Posted

    I was trying to write a Tasker profile that switches WiFi hotspot on when Bluetooth tethering transferred more than defined limit in a time interval.

    With a bare Tasker it is a complicated task. It would be nice to have:

    Data counters with atomical read and reset, and event/state, when particular interface appears/disappears.

    And generic sysfs readers that reads value to a variable and handles missing file. This would be possible with a bare Tasker, but it does not have check File Exists.

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    App shortcuts in Nova Launcher

    Georg Trede · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    I'm not sure how far this is possible, but it would be a very cool thing: There's already the App Shortcut action for Android 7.1, maybe it is possible to transfer it to launchers as the Nova Launcher. Some apps provide that, I'm not sure, whether Nova did that or the apps themselves... But one could give it a try.

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    Control Accessibility via Secure Settings

    Ian Grody · 1 · Last reply by João Dias

    After tinkering with Android TV boxes, a lot of them were void of Accessibility menu in the UI, so such services could not be accessed. Via ADB, I was able to enable apps to use Accessibility by use of settings.

    'settings put secure accessibility_enabled 1'

    AutoTools could check for the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE in apps, check it's exported service and enable it.

    settings put secure enabled_accessibility_services


    This has worked on two TV boxes running Android MM.

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    PHP parser similar to javascriptlet

    Mantas Adom · 0 · Posted

    This would be a great addition for someone who's very familiar with the PHP programming language and would save a lot of time, as well as would shrink down the tasker tasks for loops/cycles and many other thinks like date function, strtotime function and so on.

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    Local HTML file reader

    Abdullah Alahdal · 1 · Last reply by Abdullah Alahdal

    Is it possible to add an option to read HTML files from local storage. This is required if I am using HTTP post to get some data using parameters, cookies, etc. then I want to use Read HTML tool to read the output file.

    file://pathtofile but it did not work

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    AutoTools Dialog List pre-selection of multiple buttons

    abhiprAya andoird · 0 · Posted


    Pre-selection of multiple buttons at Dialog List, s. screenshots,

    also by variable.

    Accessing the list buttons with AutoInput, AutoVoice seems to be difficult. Request for simplifying it.

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    Adjust adaptive brightness level

    Jimmy Nejmeh · 2 · Last reply by Jimmy Nejmeh

    I have a Google Pixel with Android v7.1.1. With AutoTools, I can read the adaptive brightness level (it's screen_brightness_auto_adj). It will range anywhere from 0.0 (slider all the way to the left) to 100.0 (slider all the way to the right). But if I try doing a custom setting to set it, I get the "Can't change setting on this device. You cannot change private secure settings." I've done the ADB command to grant AutoTools the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission, but still can't get it to work. It would be great to have a way to set this in AutoTools.

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    Samsung Air View (S Pen or Fingers)

    Lemuel Sacop · 0 · Posted

    Hi Joao,

    I am not sure if this is possible, or a perfect fit to Auto Tools Secure Settings or maybe to Auto Input, and this is specific only to a Samsung Notes' models. I would like to propose if we can know if Air View is on and off into a variable, what kind of Air View is enabled (S Pen or Fingers or both), and then if it is possible to return the app name, or the text, or the image path that I am hovering over into a variable. Then I can use this variable that contains

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    Auto brightness read setting

    Daniel Jenkins · 2 · Last reply by João Dias

    I'd like to be able to read the adaptive brightness setting as on or off. Currently can only read brightness level in Tasker. Can set it in Tasker, just can't read it's value

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    Under Review

    Launcher Webscreen

    Ian Grody · 2 · Last reply by Ian Grody

    AutoTools feature request.

    Web Screens to be live wallpaper? This is probably asking for a lot, we can already use it (AutoTools) as a launcher, but what if? This would be an epic feature impo

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    Entity extraction

    Sriram SV · 3 · Last reply by João Dias

    I would like autotools to do entity extraction on pieces of text. Like detect phone numbers, email addresses and names of places and people to name a few. 


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    JSON write -> update should accept multiple filter values

    Rob · 0 · Posted

    When running the JSON write -> update command, there only appears to be the option for a single Field & value for the filter. Could it instead accept multiple fields and values like the JSON Read action does?